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Cuban Musicians - Hermanos  Peña


Jorge Luis Peña Acosta and Luis Peña Acosta, Los Hermanos Peña, are professional musicians from Cuba. They have performed in several cities in Europe and have recorded CDs in Barcelona and Paris.

Originally from Santiago de Cuba, they come from a family of 8 children. Everyone in their family is musical and music reinforces their strong family bond. They write and sing about their family, their culture, their country, and their lives in Cuba.  

Cuban music is complex, but the rhythms are part of the DNA of these Cuban musicians. They can play anything: salsa, bolero, son, campesina, guajira, guaracha, bolero, trova, and mambo, etc. Los Hermanos Peña have played at concerts, festivals, private parties, on yachts, and for special events. They love a good party and if they are there, it will be a great party. Jorge’s English continues to improve, but there is no language barrier because the language is music.


They are keen to perform as guest artists in existing groups, as a duo, or as solo performers. 

They are available for international engagements.

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